I will meet you soon


Photo by vladeb ( https://www.flickr.com/photos/28122162@N04/4178211560 )

I turned back to see emptiness,
But never believed my eyes,
I kept laughing to avoid loneliness,
But never believed they were lies,
It was a promise made by her,
It was a faith she would never go far,

Forgetting all and leaving all she dreamt,
To a far away land away from us,
Deafening all and breaking all she went,
To a far away land, away from us,
A land from where there’s no return way,
A land where there no being living stay.

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Reason To Live


Photo by h.koppdelaney ( https://www.flickr.com/photos/16230215@N08/4323124316 )

There is nothing more for me with life to give,
There is nothing more with me in life to live,
But I am not so selfish to gift tears to dad and mom,
Because I know they will be shattered when I am gone….

Today my little late arrivals fill them with a huge panic,
And my death shock will surely throw them to live on medicine and tonic,
I do not want them to live as a lifeless artificial Continue reading Reason To Live


The destination of life is same for all,
Just the path gets contrasting as we crawl,
A few reach the destination with comfort,
And most reach it with a lot of tiring effort,
In the end heads are high for some,
As victory comes beating a drum,
But most have drooped down heads,
As defeat causes tears to shed.

Dawn to dusk is the time for them,
Who have incurred a lot of fame,
With foot on ground and heads up in the sky,
They move with pride and have wings to fly.
Dusk to dawn is the time for them,
Who are bound to hide faces in shame,
With foot on ground and heads hidden down,
They are treated as the Continue reading Solitude

Never Give Up The Gift, Life.

Listen, listen to my beating heart
It has learnt the expression art
Hear, hear my bold manly voice
It has learnt the speech to rejoice
Look, look at my confident eyes
They have learnt adjustment to rise
Yes I have overcome the dreadful time
The time of hardships and loneliness

At times heart became hard and stony
At times voice became shrill and uncanny
At times eyes became wet and slimy
At times I felt unreal and dreamy
When failure tended to evolve
All easy equation tended to remain unsolved
But me, the winner made these a practice shield
And moved for the quest of treasury field.

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I Am Kept Hidden.

Fight me,here I stand,
In your costly possessed land,
Which you incurred by fate,
But I incurred by hard faith.

You were gifted the golden throne,
But I was gifted your half eaten bone,
Still I stand in your possessed land,
Overpowering you with the sinking sand.

Come what may I do not fear,
It’s my hard work that I bear,
Deafened all and crossed all,
But you never answered my wistful call.

I smiled when you hurt me,
I cried when you falsely loved me,
I laughed when you kicked me,
I turned when you falsely cared for me.

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On The Way To A Better World !

I hid my face securely between the soothing palms of Mother Earth,
And passed by, the world without caring, taunting and laughing,
Some do stop just to ask, “Hi joker, feeling pity for your maker?”,
But I stay as dead as a stone, crying in muteness alone.
My friends are my Golden fish and a family of white mice,
The stars that shine, the wind that blows and the darkness.
I fear the sun and the daylight so busy to the living souls,
I am cursed, I am hurt and cornered to be alone.

Sometimes in the past I lived among this mass running with a smile for miles and miles,
Galloping like a stallion with pride and honor, living as a brave young lion,
I kissed the first rain and hugged the friendly tree, dancing in every beat and smelt so free,
I loved laying on the tender grasses tingling all over and loved to sit and enjoy the beautiful rainbow cover. Continue reading On The Way To A Better World !

Who will wipe their tears?

Rustle of the leaves are heard by all,
None can prevent it from a dead fall,
What’s old will shed one day,
In the silent grave will they lay,
Quiet and calm without a sound,
They will adjust in the small grave mound.

Soon these souls will leave for the eternal miles,
Helplessly watching some tearful faces hiding smiles,
Mother Earth will take in the flesh leaving the bones,
That will be guarded by the beautiful grave stones,
With mounted garlands and candles glowing,
All will stow memories as time will start flowing. Continue reading Who will wipe their tears?