I Am Kept Hidden.

Fight me,here I stand,
In your costly possessed land,
Which you incurred by fate,
But I incurred by hard faith.

You were gifted the golden throne,
But I was gifted your half eaten bone,
Still I stand in your possessed land,
Overpowering you with the sinking sand.

Come what may I do not fear,
It’s my hard work that I bear,
Deafened all and crossed all,
But you never answered my wistful call.

I smiled when you hurt me,
I cried when you falsely loved me,
I laughed when you kicked me,
I turned when you falsely cared for me.

I am me now a man with individuality,
You are still a girl now with false identity,
Open your eyes lady till it’s too late,
Soon will be betrayed by your own fate.

I still bear love that reminds you,
Good people are very few,
Recognize the fake and choose the true,
I am hidden among your false loving crew.

Poet by Situation
Not by Birth…

This poem got published in  http://highonpoems.com/25727/english-poems/short-poem/i-am-kept-hidden


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