I Am Left Only To Whine

The wind speaks my heart out,
The rain washes my soul out,
Into nature’s lap,
Where I can peacefully take a nap.

In this rat race of life,
Time played the distorted fife,
Where I was left with no vitality,
And kept moving with frustrated mentality.

I needed a refreshing period to think,
I needed a moment to blink,
My tired eyes to watch the moments,
That were already sinking into time’s grasp.

Time and tide waits for none,
I understood this line, when I was all done,
With no close ones, no happiness, no time,
It seemed I did the most critical crime.

Cursing my soul and my fate,
I was trapped because I swallowed time’s bait,
The greed to be the best caused me this loss,
The loss that cannot be repaid, only can be regretted.

I have lost much and left with a handful,
And I am indebted to the moment, so thankful,
To bring my conscience back in time,
To help me to secure the left over, with love and chime.

Here I stand safeguarding and regretting,
In the season’s blissful rain and wetting
My body to drain all pain I incurred,
And resting in nature’s lap burred.

I love to be loved,
I love to be cared,
But I feel very scared,
To be hated like a spared.

I know the crime is mine,
I know I drank the selfish wine,
But believe me I have broken the stein,
Please forgive me, I am left only to whine.

Poet by Situation


Not by Birth…

This poem was published on http://highonpoems.com/24264/english-poems/short-poem/i-am-left-only-to-whine


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