I will meet you soon


Photo by vladeb ( https://www.flickr.com/photos/28122162@N04/4178211560 )

I turned back to see emptiness,
But never believed my eyes,
I kept laughing to avoid loneliness,
But never believed they were lies,
It was a promise made by her,
It was a faith she would never go far,

Forgetting all and leaving all she dreamt,
To a far away land away from us,
Deafening all and breaking all she went,
To a far away land, away from us,
A land from where there’s no return way,
A land where there no being living stay.

I describe the land as paradise after death,
She described that land as imaginative place,
I describe the land of lifeless living breath,
But she described that land as empty space,
None pointed who had that misconception,
None there now to draw any conclusion.

Where are you my heart?
I guess to seek the truth,
To prove your proposal part,
To prove you are a Sleuth,
But you didn’t think about me,
But you didn’t think where I will be.

I feel totally lost without you,
I see black and white in a colourful hue,
I can neither sleep nor dream alone,
I need you to sit on the happy throne,
Wherever you are, wherever you stand,
I know my words reach you,bursting the tear gland.

Come back soon a hand awaits for you,
I stand where you will get my view,
A clear one for you and a blurred one for others,
It’s my living body that only bothers,
I will come soon to you if you don’t,in a bird flock,
Please open the door if you hear “knock!knock!”.

Poet by Situation


Not by Birth…

this poem was published on http://highonpoems.com/13725/english-poems/elegy/will-meet-soon


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