On The Way To A Better World !

I hid my face securely between the soothing palms of Mother Earth,
And passed by, the world without caring, taunting and laughing,
Some do stop just to ask, “Hi joker, feeling pity for your maker?”,
But I stay as dead as a stone, crying in muteness alone.
My friends are my Golden fish and a family of white mice,
The stars that shine, the wind that blows and the darkness.
I fear the sun and the daylight so busy to the living souls,
I am cursed, I am hurt and cornered to be alone.

Sometimes in the past I lived among this mass running with a smile for miles and miles,
Galloping like a stallion with pride and honor, living as a brave young lion,
I kissed the first rain and hugged the friendly tree, dancing in every beat and smelt so free,
I loved laying on the tender grasses tingling all over and loved to sit and enjoy the beautiful rainbow cover.

I cried only when storms blew, as it pained when the pirate winds hurled the branches through,
My dad used to console with the same words every time, “The winds are not pirates.
Nature gave them the job to replace, those that are dead and those that are weak.”
But I never understood then what he actually meant, that was an advice to be followed and not words to console.

And today when the storm blew down the lane of life to choose the best and discard the weak,
I fell the victim with hands soaked red, face bluish and shadows blurred around with there Halloween dance breaking my beak,
Twitching and cracking sounds rang in my ear, but people acted so dumb that none could turn to hear,
I lay for days with bitter thoughts and bitter mind just to close my eyes, while moving to a new world after death truly clean and nice.

Poet by Situation


Not by Birth…

This poem was published in http://highonpoems.com/27246/english-poems/long-poem/on-the-way-to-a-better-world


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