We Are In Peace.

Heavenly peace is not here we say,
But that’s not true,
Strong people always dominate a prey,
But that’s not true.
Like fingers are different though reside together,
We all are different but made of same leather,
Laughing, loving and caring all,
Holding hands to avoid a fall.

Point of thought and looking at life,
Is like using a sharp pointed knife,
One can use it to cut and peel,
Or use it as a weapon for a deadly kill.

Rewind the time and peep into the mind,
And evidences point we are an evolved kind,
Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela all were of our kind,
They are the best examples of peaceful mind.

So stop regretting and crying for peace,
Open the bondage let thoughts release,
We all are peaceful enough to live with smile,
Think of the people powerless to walk a mile.

Poet by Situation
Not by Birth…

This poem is published in http://highonpoems.com/26973/english-poems/short-poem/we-are-in-peace


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