My Daughter Brought Happiness


The vagaries of life had shattered me down,
Made me a coercive slave, submitting to dealers’ erotic frown,
But I felt those moments with an absconding pain,
As you came to, my life of lame.

Your night of birth was marked with a dreadful storm entrenching by,
But I knew, you will be my cloud, silver lined in the darkest sky,
Your smile will brighten even the darkest hours just before the dawn,
And put a cease to my illegal social fights and you will be my crowing fawn.

When I saw you first beside me, on my bed,
Happiness resulted in a smile with tears to shed,
I kissed you, hugged you and kept you close to my heart,
As you are my only possessed priceless part.

You were notorious and a little bud among all the sold flowers,
Later your bloom attracted bees and caused money showers,
Suddenly your path got filled by rusted irons and broken glasses,
And I struggled to lay beneath your steps, graceful tender grasses.

I witnessed all your tender steps grow big and strong,
I shared your pain, celebrated your win among the throng,
Eventually your smile lit the darkest world I reside,
And you grew a human being with criminals beside.

My happiness lies with the smile of yours,
My happiness lies with the well being of yours.
You enlightened my days by taking me out of brothel,
Being your mother is the ultimate happiness I feel.

I am happy to be called as your esteemed mother,
With a respectful place to move in the society, as south-er.
I smile and am not forced any more to bite the bullet,
I am happy to leave the cursed bed and sleep on your pallet.

You were hurt when you gained your senses, to know your mother was a brothel princess,
But you never left me secluded nor did escape out leaving me in those hands that colluded,
You happily guided me to a world so pure, just like a medicine healing a wound to cure,
Happiness to me is to look at you my angel, it’s you who showed me to cherish the song of a nightingale.

Poet by Situation


Not by Birth…

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