Broken Benches

When I was pretty small,
I had time for all,
Studies, teachers, friends & school,
And playful time was my only tool,
I followed a studying time,
Everyday from six to nine,
I spent much time consulting teachers,
And was one of the class eye catchers,
I have time to be in my friends group,
And was a famous monkey of the troop,
My school never got time to rest,
As I was always notoriously best.

But today I am a school pass out,
And about to enter life’s hard bout,
With famine stricken time and running a rat race,
For me it’s hard to keep up with the pace,
When I run to make new relations,
I fail to cope with my past situations,
Where old friends and family keep waiting,
I get busy in career and fail time adjusting,
Today I accept failure and give up,
Where my heart beats harder  “lubb” “dupp” “lubb” “dupp”,
Today my mind has lost all controls and senses,
I find myself among the broken benches.

Poet By Situation
Not By Birth..

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