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Reason To Live


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There is nothing more for me with life to give,
There is nothing more with me in life to live,
But I am not so selfish to gift tears to dad and mom,
Because I know they will be shattered when I am gone….

Today my little late arrivals fill them with a huge panic,
And my death shock will surely throw them to live on medicine and tonic,
I do not want them to live as a lifeless artificial Continue reading Reason To Live


Who will wipe their tears?

Rustle of the leaves are heard by all,
None can prevent it from a dead fall,
What’s old will shed one day,
In the silent grave will they lay,
Quiet and calm without a sound,
They will adjust in the small grave mound.

Soon these souls will leave for the eternal miles,
Helplessly watching some tearful faces hiding smiles,
Mother Earth will take in the flesh leaving the bones,
That will be guarded by the beautiful grave stones,
With mounted garlands and candles glowing,
All will stow memories as time will start flowing. Continue reading Who will wipe their tears?