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Never Give Up The Gift, Life.

Listen, listen to my beating heart
It has learnt the expression art
Hear, hear my bold manly voice
It has learnt the speech to rejoice
Look, look at my confident eyes
They have learnt adjustment to rise
Yes I have overcome the dreadful time
The time of hardships and loneliness

At times heart became hard and stony
At times voice became shrill and uncanny
At times eyes became wet and slimy
At times I felt unreal and dreamy
When failure tended to evolve
All easy equation tended to remain unsolved
But me, the winner made these a practice shield
And moved for the quest of treasury field.

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We Are In Peace.

Heavenly peace is not here we say,
But that’s not true,
Strong people always dominate a prey,
But that’s not true.
Like fingers are different though reside together,
We all are different but made of same leather,
Laughing, loving and caring all,
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